If you are in Nigeria, you must have heard of the Nigerian online advertising platform, Adnaira. If not so, learn about adnaira below.

Adnaira is an online advertising platform that enables advertisers to target their right audience through registered publishers’ platforms. This service is for the Nigerian audience for now.

How Adnaira works is simple. Adnaira serves as a go-between for advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers create an advertiser account; then create an advert using any of the advert goals (Impression, Conversion), and the Ad banner specifications. They pay money and wait for the ad approval.

The Publishers create a publisher’s account, get the Ad codes and paste them on their web platform. Their web platforms serve the Advertisers’ advert and they get paid by Adnaira from a percentage of the advertisers’ payment. Learn more here.

Adnaira Launches Strata.ly

Strata.ly is a search engine powered by Adnaira. It is created out of the passion of helping businesses create brand awareness at a cheaper price and empowering people to earn from doing what they like; which is browsing.

Learn more about strata.ly here.